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"Blowing Up Parties Since 1996!"

Real Name: Missi
Contact: missi@pixelbiscuit.com

Ballooning Styles: Funny, Cute, Kiddie, Naughty, and upon request.. "Let Me Crazy".

Affiliations: PixelBiscuit Wednesdays @ Butter, Serendipity on Treasure Island, PixelBiscuit Fridays @ Butter, 5th Fridays @ WiSH, Animal Style, PixelBiscuit @ OtherWhirled, & the PixelBiscuit Endless Summer Tour.. Also :: Progressive Flow and various rave parties over the years.

Twisting Up Crazy Hats @ BUTTER

The Most Frequently Asked Questions I Get When I'm Ballooning Are:

"Where did you learn how to balloon?" – my response is often, "in Prison."

"Did you go to school for this?" – "No, I got kicked out of school for this."

Or, "Oh Yes, I went to B.U., Balloon University, I majored in Balloonology. I even minored in Airogamy. (Airogamy – the art of folding air in special latex containers.) The tuition was Inflated and we had lots of Pop Quizes, but I got my Ph. B and I am now a certified Balloonologist . . . That was a true story I just made up.

Missi & DJ Canyon Hangin' Loose @ BUTTER

"Let Me Crazy" Party Hats @ ZEBULON

"When did you start ballooning?" – (looking at my watch) "about ten minutes ago."

But it’s time to come clean with the real origin of my skills, it began in 1996 when my best friend and I decided to quit our jobs, pack up my car, and head out for a summer road trip that would take us all across the U.S. About a month into the trip we found ourselves on the East Coast, where we encountered the street performer clown Rami Salami the King of Balloon Twisters, and naturally we got in line for a balloon hat. We told him of our adventures and that they would coming to an end soon (our funds were coming to an end as well). He told us that with a trade like his we could continue traveling as long as we wanted; it turns out he traveled the world doing street clowning and balloons.

Long story short – too late – he took us in, taught us how to balloon, and apprenticed us . . . the very next morning after meeting him we were dressed as clowns - wigs, horns, clown makeup and all - and were working next to him at a corporate gig on an island off Boston . . . and having the time of our lives! – wow, you can make money doing this?! A revelation and I was hooked on ballooning.

Soon, I was turning latex into cash . . . (oh, that was another career) . . . I’ve since ballooned at lots of birthday parties, restaurants, Giradelli Square, corporate parties and events, festivals and openings, clubs and raves, and for celebs. like George Lucas, Ron Howard, and Danielle Steele.

My inspiration comes from:
Balloon magazines/books, Balloon Jams (when we, other artists, get together and "jam on balloons"), Life, Music, and Friends.

Alias names: Missi Twist "ballooning with a twist," Twisti Miss Missi, Miss Twisti, Twister and sometimes, "Hey, Balloon Girl".

With a sprinkle of talent and a heap of outgoing anyone can twist, just follow what I call, "the 3 P’s of ballooning," - Practice, Patience, and lots of Popping!
Missi Twist – coming to a party near you!

For bookings - email missi@pixelbiscuit.com or call us @ 510.295.5001.