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Real Name: Canyon Fisher
Contact: canyon@pixelbiscuit.com

Musical Styles: House, Funky Breaks, Electro, Hip-Hop, Rock, 80s, Funk, Disco, Tech, Lounge, Downtempo, Chill, Ghetto-Tech, Booty-Bass, & sometimes for laughs, trendy evil sounding stuff to scare the parents & excite the children.

Mixing Records Since: Bought Technics in July 2000, Club Debut = LUCHO-41 (01/27/2001) with Michael Anthony, Charlotte the Baroness, Okilupo, X-Ray, & Dawn of Sound.

Residencies: BiG Wednesday @ Butter, EXiST @ WiSH, The SyNcOpAtIoN Radio Show on club246.com, Serendipity on Treasure Island, PixelBiscuit Internet Radio on club246.com, PixelBiscuit Fridays @ Butter, 5th Fridays @ WiSH, Animal Style, PixelBiscuit @ OtherWhirled, the PixelBiscuit Endless Summer Tour, RAW (defunct), Bang the Drums (defunct), KUSH (defunct), FreeStyle Fridays (defunct), Levi's (defunct) & yo.. always residential in my own muthafukin' hizouse.

Affiliations: PixelBiscuit & Bohemian Records a.k.a. the SF Disc-Junkie Family.

Local Inspiration:
Charlotte the Baroness, David Michael, DJ Kirsten, Michael Anthony, DJ Solar, Ellen Ferrato, Viet, HANKtheGUYwithRECORDs, DJ Samira, Michael May, Johnny, Crom, Wunjo, Todd, Nate Harrison, Melyss, O'Henry, ChrisNChris, The Candle, DJ Amber, DJ Robynn, Clio, Seraphim, Brian G, Max, Zach DeVincent, Matt G, Ken Q, Brandin, DJ Lucho, Cybrid, DJ Seven, Richert & All my friends that love music & dancing.

Global Inspiration:
Isolee', Phil Weeks, Swayzak, Krafty Kutz, Freaks, Missy Elliot, Sasha, Bob Sinclar, SWAG, Circulation, Chicken Lips, Kool Keith, Sade, Mirwais, Natural Rhythm, BLIM, Fries & Bridges, Bobby Peru, East Coast Boogiemen, U-Freqs, Bassment Jaxx, The Orb, DFA, Aphex Twin, Joshua Collins, Ils, The Glass, Miss Kittin, Tiefschwarz, Jay Tripwire, DJ Ali, Felix Da Housecat, Plaid, Rabbit in the Moon, Yello, Momu, S.I. Futures, Peaches, Metro Area, Soul Of A Man, Plump DJs, Layo&Bushwacka!, Adam Freeland, Kings of Tomorrow, Brett Johnson, DJ Skunk, Andy Mowat, Fluke, Vigi & Flip, Doc Martin, Cass & Slide, De La Soul, Xymox, The Art Of Noise, Jas, Hardkiss, Cle', Sarah Jane Morris, Plank 15, Big Al, Ben Wa, Nectar, Peace Division, Different Gear, Oliver Lieb, Francois K, Normand Roger, Emerson, Buck, Underworld, Derrick Carter, CutLab, Thievery Corp, Juno Reactor, The Crystal Method, Ashtrax, Nurture, Prince.

Dad, Graphic Designer, Promoter, Event Coordinator, Marketing, Club DJ, Mobile DJ, On-Line Commerce.

Clubs I've Played At:
Butter, Wish, The EndUp, The DNA Lounge, RubySkye, The Sno Drift, POW!, The Downtown Bar (NYC), The Red Devil Lounge, The Sub-Lounge, The Hi-Fi Lounge, Club Six, The Oasis, The Lingba Lounge, AsiaSF, The Bear's Lair, Jupiter, Indigo's (Hawaii), Le Cheval's (Madagascar), Harpoon Louie's, The House of Shields, Levi's, The Green Room (SF Civic Center), The Rawhide, Buzz9, Fuse, The Skylark, Waves Smokehouse, Jahva House, Kingman's Lucky Lounge, The Monkey Club, The Noodle Factory, The WikiUp Country Club, N.B.Bavarian (Warehouse), Animal Style (Outdoor), Serendipity (Outdoor), The Banning House (Catalina), Moe's Alley, Kaka'ako Beach Park (Hawaii), the Tamarindo Surf House & the Airplane Bar (Costa Rica).

DJs I've Played With:
DJ Kirsten, Charlotte the Baroness, Solar, Michael Anthony, Nikola, Hesohi, Samira, Miles Maeda, Brian G, David Michael, J-Rock, HANKtheGUYwithRECORDs, Fabuliz, Nate Harrison, Amber, Seraphim, Coleman & Sensei, Carlos, Rachel, Didje Kelli, Paul Guido, Felix The Dog, Rich Dama, Delon, Tim Dionne, Viet, Lucho, Vince, Adrian, The Incredible Melting Man, Christine, Rebecca Watkins, Reza, Wolfe, Dawn of Sound, DJ Alicia, Michael May, Rasoul, Kwai Le Chief, Wunjo, Johnny, Crom, Van Dune, Chris N Chris, O'Henry, Dilemma, Todd Prophet, Melvin J, Gene, Bosco, Tsilavo, Tracy, Dmitri, Andrew Kelsey, Poppa & Dubb-Rocker, Casey, The Candle, Cully, Todd, Just-E, Anthony, Oolong, B.Smiley, Rex, Robynn, DJ S&M, 99-Proof, Mark, Fil Latorre, Andy Mowat, Scot, Cyrus, Zach DeVincent, StereoType, Mike Ameci, DJ Danica, Naomi Campbell, Paul Rosas, Brian Walls, J-Black, Grainger, Prana, Toddles, Ken Q, Matt G, Brandin, Melyss, Tonic, GBA, Spish, Brett, Senn Matthews, DJ Chia, Austin Payne, Mr. Von Snitzel, and many others that need to be looked up in the PixelBiscuit Press Release archives.

Cities I've Played:
San Francisco, New York, Honolulu (Hawaii), Bristol (UK), Ontario Canada (Via Radio), Tamatave (Madagascar), Berkeley, Oakland, Santa Cruz, San Jose, Santa Rosa, Mt. Shasta, Catalina Island (LA), Quepos & Tamarindo (Costa Rica).

DJ Canyon @ AURAL CONFECTION's 2-Year Anniversary

"DJ CANYON likes to stretch the crowd's imagination with his eclectic collection of beautiful music. New music that illicits an emotional response the first time you hear it, and then keeps hitting you again and again and again SLAP! His inspiration behind the decks is gently massaging and tugging on the subconscious emotional strings of the audience... And for the more active listeners, he hopes that what starts as a bemused smirk over the kookiness of the tune will suddenly, before he or she knows it, leave them speechless and swooning... a lump in their hearts and maybe a lump somewhere else, overwhelmed by the irresistible anticipation of dirty fun about to be had. You know, like the Church Lady used to say, "engorged and tingling". If not that, then he hopes all you un-engorged and non- tingling people will bum rush the dance floor and just get stupid... dance dance dance... spicy and sticky... BBQ Style, real quickie. Thank you thank you I love you all. Yeah, dance!".. from DJ Canyon's Friendster Profile.

DJ Canyon & The Baroness @ BULLY (PixelBiscuit's Epic Folsom Street Fair Party)

Photos By Richert Gordon Salondaka ©2003 PixelBiscuit.com

For booking - email bookings@pixelbiscuit.com or call us @ 510.295.5001.

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DJ Canyon @ The Pink Mochi Recording Studio