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Real Name: Samira Vijghen

Musical Styles: I'm a storyteller. I generally prefer to tell my stories with dark, moody, percussive, nu-skool breaks and progressive. I've been told that I don't forsake melody for bassline, and vice versa. Most of all, I love playing long sets.

Mixing Records Since: I got my first taste of spinning in 1999. My boyfriend at the time had bought decks that spring & that's when I started buying records. I bought my own decks in January of 2000. My first gig was when Witches' Brew spun Beatdown at Jupiter, during the summer of 2000.

Residencies: Sister SF, BiG Wednesday @ Butter, Radio Show on club246.com, Beatdown @ Jupiter

Past Residencies: RAW @ the Oasis, Sunday School Sessions @ the Galaxy Club, Incognita @ Sitio, Not Yet @ An-Sibin.

Affiliations: Sister SF, Witches' Brew , Just Say Agency, AM Breaks, Broad Spectrum Sounds (RIP)

Biggest Influences
(excerpted from SheJay interview, December 2003):

Son of the Electric Ghost
(Bless Records) & the Carbon Community (Bless Records/ Moonshine): I can honestly say that their music has made me a better DJ. Their sound continues to challenge me as a DJ: they keep me on my toes and force me to be a more careful listener. It's a beautiful thing!

The Incredible Melting Man
(2 WARS): he is one of the most skilled DJs I've ever heard. His sets are powerful, funky, and very precise. I learn a lot from watching him. He is a great, not to mention prolific, producer. He works very hard & he knows a lot about the many different aspects of the scene: DJing, producing, running a record label, owning a club, going on tour.

HANKtheGUYwithRECORDS is one of my biggest influences for so many reasons: Paul has given me so much support & has been to more of my gigs than anyone. He is my best friend and my partner. We have shared many hours & days & nights & weekends spinning records together. He has given me so many fantastic records, I'm sure I could record a 3-CD set with just the records he has given me! He is by far one of my favorite DJs-his sound is dreamy, pretty, determined, unafraid.

: I've also spent many many hours spinning with this guy. Some of his mixes have left me helplessly weeping. His style is very unusual and complex, yet very danceable. He also has the ability to weave together the most rythmicallly and melodically complex tracks. We've been spinning for the same length of time, and it has been great to be witness to each other's musical growth.

: Sarah is one of the women in Sister SF and she kicks ass! She plays drum & bass exactly the way I love it-beautiful basslines and very melodic. I love the progressions of her DJ sets. Sarah loves to share her music. She is a great teacher and friend. I can't think of anyone who is harder working, more dedicated to the San Francisco scene, than this woman.

queen of breaks, web-mistress, trouble-shooter, trouble-maker, newcastle connoiseur.

Clubs I've Played At:
111 Minna, 26Mix, Amnesia, An-Sibin, Anu, Beale Street Bar, Blake's, Blind Tiger, Bohemia Lounge, Butter, Buzz9, Cellar, Club Six, DNA Lounge, Fuse, Hi-Fi Lounge, House of Shields, Jezebel's Joint, Jupiter, Kingman's Lucky Lounge, Laszlo, Lingba Lounge, Lipo Lounge, Louie's, Mezzanine, Milk, Noodle Factory, Oasis, Oxygen Bar, Serendipity, Skylark, Sound Factory, Studio Z, Sublounge, Up & Down Club, Waves Smokehouse, Werepad, Wish, Zebulon. Out of state:The Downtown Bar (NYC), Crave (Dallas), The Cirrus Room (Austin), World Pie (Miami), OHM (Portland).

DJs I've Played With:
Lets just call this a section in progress ;-)

Cities I've Played:
All over the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Miami (Winter Music Conference), Dallas, Austin.

Samira @ Zebulon

Photo By Melissa Sautter ©2003 InfiniteNRG.com

Raised in Amsterdam and of Dutch/Indonesian descent, Samira spent her formative years listening to the percussive sounds of the Indonesian gamelan, and began her life-long love affair with the piano at age 7. She discovered life behind the decks after dropping out of a PhD program in literature in late 1999, and she hasn't looked back since. Today, whether it's nu-skool breaks, tribal or progressive, a deep love for percussion, combined with that of story-telling, remains at the root of Sam's sound.

In 2000, she co-founded the all-female DJ collective Witches' Brew, which is best known for its monthly residency at the popular Beatdown party in Berkeley. The women of Witches' Brew recently recruited 2 new residents and upped the ante for 2003, as they now collectively hold down nine residencies, host two weekly online radio shows, are traveling for out of town gigs, and return for their 4th season in Berkeley as a party of 5. In short, summer is barely over and this year is already proving to be a remarkable one.

In 2002 Samira earned a weekly residency at RAW in Oakland, and played at a Burning Man pre-compression party in New York. She also started up a new monthly called Sunday School Sessions, which allowed her to bring international breakbeat DJs and producers such as 10 Sui (TCR/Botchit & Scarper, UK) and the Incredible Melting Man (2 WARS) to San Francisco. In January 2003, Samira joined Sister SF, the longest running female DJ crew in the Bay Area (and beyond). With the Sister collective she has thrown parties in SF and at the WMC in Miami.

Sam has DJd all over the West Coast, Texas, New York, and the WMC in Miami, and has started to carve a niche for herself with her dark & compelling nu-skool breaks. Sam has played alongside headlining breakbeat talent such as: the Carbon Community, Son of the Electric Ghost, 10 Sui, the Incredible Melting Man, and other artists such as Jondi & Spesh, Heather Heart, Reid Speed, Shortee, the Syrup Girls, and of course her crew from Sister SF.

Her mixes include Samira vs. the Vocal Tracks (CD), 13th Hour Rain: for the Candle (CD), an untitled promo (CD), Basshead Battle (CD), and 42kHz (CD). She currently holds three residencies, hosts two weekly online radio shows at Club 246 Radio, and will be appearing in a documentary about female DJs: "Vinyl Is A Girls Best Friend" (scheduled for release late 2003). She's also signed to Jesse Saunders' Just Say Agency

Samira @ Butter

Photo By Richert Gordon Salondaka ©2003 PixelBiscuit.com

For local bookings & other inquiries, contact: sam@bobblehead.org

For all non-local bookings contact:
Just Say Agency: (661) 265-1999

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